Social networking apps are dynamic and real-time, making their development more extensive and complicated. 7.4 million live websites that have been built using this library. Some popular names include Netflix, Dropbox, Facebook, BBC, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Average salaries are single data points and only one part of a bigger story. Many respondents may earn significantly more or significantly less than these averages. However, we aim to show underlying trends by mapping the average salaries for different experience levels. Once they pass the four-year mark, however, React developers can expect a 19.8% pay increase. Learning the React framework is not a difficult job, one can learn the React framework in 6 months to 1 year. Having prior knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are beneficial.

As was mentioned before, incomes are substantial, and as you improve, your earning potential increases. Collaborating with the customer to comprehend how to use software development to realize their ambition for the application. React is a well-liked library amongst web designers because of its simple, open-source architecture. If you’re not acquainted with its use cases, think about the interface of the programmes you regularly use. React was utilized by leading companies like Netflix, Instagram, and Uber Eats to construct their recognisable user interfaces .

Software Developer- Senior

This is because, eventually, as the company size grows and stability increases, most companies recruit more developers, which means the allocated amount gets distributed accordingly. As we are already aware, React JS is one of the most popular frameworks in the market since some of the leading IT companies are relying on this library to power their businesses. The core reason why many companies are favoring React frameworks is down to the fact that these libraries allow them to develop scalable and easy-to-maintain systems.

React Engineer salary

React developer salary in USA markets for junior developers stands based on location. Average salary for a React developer also depends on how you’ve recruited them. You can hire developers at a fixed price or a dedicated model.

We are familiar with the fact that React JS developers work in front end development as well as application building, the work of a React engineer is similar to that. React engineers are specialized in software engineering as well as application building in React framework. The work of React Engineers involves holding specialisation in designing user interface components and beautifying the appearance of front end applications with extensive use of the React framework. Along with the technical skills, it is equally important for React engineers to possess some soft skills as well.

What are the responsibilities of a React Engineer?

Median tech occupation wage in the country is also 125% higher than the national median wage for other job roles. The US also has high minimum wages and more benefits than many other countries. For the dedicated model, you hire a developer for a long-term react web development project that doesn’t have clear deadlines or fixed requirements. This means, the development process can shorten or increase during the workflow, which will affect the final salary. React developer is a highly-sought after job role in the technical market due to the popularity of ReactJS. This revolutionary library has transformed front-end JavaScript development with its speed, scalability, and varied usage.

  • Some great platforms to find freelance / remote React JS developer jobs are glass door, indeed, Upwork, ZipRecruiter, etc.
  • React is one of the most desirable frameworks for web development and application building.
  • Your code will be more predictable and easier to debug using the declarative perspective.
  • The industry has witnessed a lot of UI and frontend issues since Google released Android 5 and its Material Kit, and everyone is aiming to deliver a fantastic consumer experience.
  • The number of developers interested in React JS and web development is growing every day.

Years of JavaScript HTML5 Familiarity with frameworks such as React, Durandal.js, Backbone.js, Knockout.. Job ID 3403 Overview We are seeking a motivated individual to join our development team as a Javascript Node.js Typescript React Fullstack Developer.Why Join Us? Position Summary Developer with hands on experience on Angular or related UI frameworks..

A lightweight and efficient backend javascript framework for web apps. Position SummaryThe Software Developer will support information technology centric software projects for.. The Software Developer shall report to the Director of Information Systems and collaborate with.. J2EERequired Skills Experience with Angular JS, Web services, Maven, Jenkins.. Key ResponsibilitiesProvide strong hands on in implementing React frameworks defined by the lead..

How much does a React Developer in Web3 make?

Developer with strong hands on experience on React or related UI frameworks, with 7 plus years of.. If you are thinking of becoming a React Engineer or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of a React Engineer. If you are thinking of becoming a React Developer or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of a React Developer. Below is the total pay for the top 10 highest paying companies for a React Developer in United States. Between 2020 and 2030, the number of React Developer jobs is expected to grow by 667,600. The positions showing rapid growth in this field include Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers.

On average $46,750 a year for a middle full-stack React. In French cities like Paris and Lyon, one must spend about $53,250 per year for a middle full-stack and $59,750 for front-end React developer. In Mexico is $47,500 a year for a full-stack specialist and $50,000 for a front-end coder, while entry-level full-stack React. Another important hard skill is a good level of English – B1 and higher. Our step-by-step process for designing, developing, and maintaining exceptional custom software solutions. Its overall numbers are starkly lower than those of the other platforms, with inexperienced React programmers bringing home $59,750 and those with 15 years of experience commanding $75,500.


Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming, like Java, C++, Python, etc. Here are the typical skills expected from a React professional. React framework for their development activities because of its scalable and low-maintenance system. A fair share of Ukrainian developers has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science.

React Engineer salary

If you’re looking to hire a remote developer, you’re in the right place. Now that you already know global React remote developer salaries, use the hiring guide below to understand the full picture. View projects implemented using this server side programming language known for its ease of use and speed of development. View projects implemented using this high-level programming language great for general purpose programming. View projects implemented using this framework that allows rapid development of native Android and IOS apps.

From the above job roles, it is clear that the importance of learning the React framework is immense. If you are interested in learning about React framework then the React course KnowledgeHut is perfect for you. Competent workers with a variety of backgrounds can establish a skill set as a successful Java developer. Many organizations prefer candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline. Your chances of landing a high-paying Java developer job will increase if you have practical expertise developing software, particularly in Java.

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These averages should not be used to estimate what your actual salary will or should be. Salaries depend on the company size, industry, individual, perks and nature of the work. These factors all influence the salary a company will offer to a prospective hire. In addition, most developers are “fluent” in several languages and work across multiple roles, affecting the final figures. In the job market, this skill is in high demand in job roles such as React developer, Node.js developer, API Developer, and frontend engineer.

Key Factors Affecting React Developer Salary

These professions have an above-average estimated growth rate of 22%. «Their deliverables earned positive feedback from the customer and end users. Particular points of praise for Fireart Studio’s work included the UX/UI design, illustrations, and animations.» “Boasting an outstanding quality of work, Fireart Studio implemented web designs that reflected the client’s vision. The team was reliable and communicative, making for a smooth collaboration.

At the same time, full-stack specialists earn from $13,750 to $25,500 yearly. Try another search query or take our salary survey to get a personalized Front-end React Engineer job salary report for your job title. It’s one thing to get a remote developer interview opportunity, and a totally different thing to land the job.